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Clean Energy

The world is focused on clean energy. Clean Energy is the fastest growing industry in the State of Nevada.  We have many natural resources in Pershing County and a lot of acreage surrounding our community that would be ideal for renewable energy expansion. The state of Nevada has a renewable portforlio standard (RPS) that requires utilities to generate at least 25% of their electricity from renewable energy resources by 2025, with at least 6% from solar energy through 2016-2025. (Source:DESIRE)

The State of Nevada utilities have a diverse mix of energy sources that serve Nevadans, including geothermal generation, and electricity generated by solar, wind, and hydro.


Nevada is #1 in the nation for solar production per capita and we average 270 days of sunshine combined with open land which makes Pershing County an excellent location for the development of Solar Power. Nevada has large concentrations of suppliers of silicon, solar PV module components, and balance of systems components to supply market and demand created not only by large companies and the government that are taking advantage of Nevada's solar opportunities, but also by growing a number of small companies, individuals, schools and public buildings that are getting more and more involved.


Pershing County is home to some of the richest geothermal resources in the world. Nevada ranks #2 in the nation for generating electricity from geothermal sources.  Nevada ranks #1 in geothermal energy use per capita in the nation. UNR is home the a world-class geothermal research facility and they do research on establishment of geothermal energy as a economically vialble energy source within the Great Basin. Their specialties are in collecting data and using Geographic Information System (GIF) technology to view and analyze the data, to produce favorablity maps of geothermal potential.

wind energy

Wind energy is one of the newest sources being utilized in Nevada. Pershing County is has abundant wind resources with utility scale production. Pershing County is looking for companies to capitalize on this resource.